The feelings are real. Talk about them


Below I have put a link to a great article I read that touches the surface of understanding Anxiety disorders and just how prevalent they are in today’s society. It is important to raise awareness of the growing number of girls and women suffering with this disorder, and thereby escape the taboos associated with the topic.

Anxiety is something we all experience, but for some it becomes debilitating and affects every part of their daily lives. If you are controlled by fears that make you unable to participate in every day life activities, please don’t stay isolated. That’s what I have done for so long! I will have a few months of being very happy and optimistic and being my “normal” self, before falling into a deep depressive episode where I can’t bring myself to get out of my bed for fear something will happen to me or a loved one. This is not something to stay quiet about. Speak out! Don’t be afraid!

The facts are, that depression, anxiety, manic depressive disorder, and other mental illness’ are real and affecting so many people today. They are not “all in the mind.” They are real and treatment is available. Every life is so important no matter what the lies are that depression might tell you. Fight back! There are so many times I have had to scream “no!” at my thoughts and what they were telling me I was worth. I am not ugly, I deserve to be loved. And so do you. Don’t let depression win. Every girl is beautiful. Every girl is worth fighting for.

You’re worth it.


12 thoughts on “The feelings are real. Talk about them

  1. This is a great blog you have here! I thoroughly enjoyed the article. One thing I would like to point out is that a lot of boys and men also suffer with this condition. I have noticed that social anxiety is becoming quite prevalent among teenage boys now. I don’t want to speculate but I believe the media has a big affect on this.

    Thanks for the post!


    • Thank you so much for reading it! and yes I know that a lot of boys and men suffer with mental illness as well. my dad suffers with depression and ocd. But I just wanted to write about what I know more about, and what I can relate to more closely, that’s why my focus is on women and girls with these issues. But yes, thank you for pointing out that men struggle with these things too!

  2. Thanks for this! I’ve been dealing with depression my entire life and just recently learned I have an anxiety disorder (how did I not realize this). Now I am in therapy and on medication and I feel so much better now that I am being treated! I started a new blog about depression…I think it’s ssso important that we all (especially us females) share our stories and perspectives with each other!!

    • I know personally that I had lived in anxiety for so long, that i didn’t really realize how trapped i was by it until I was in my lowest place. when I just couldn’t take it any more and couldn’t hide the pain I felt, and knew that it was either getting help, or suicide. that’s when I was analysed by a doctor and they were the one to tell me i was anxious. even then i tried to tell them they were wrong. I was in denial. I didn’t want that to be me because i felt like it was a bad thing and people would judge me. But i have seen just from this blog that people don’t judge me. in fact a lot of people relate. And that’s the amazing thing about being open. when we all stop pretending, that’s when love grows and relationships form, and walls, and prejudices fall down. I like that. so thank you so much for sharing! you’re and inspiration to me! truly! =)

  3. Sometimes it’s a hormone imbalance that causes the problems. At least now people are willing to seek help, instead of “toughing it out.” Thanks for subscribing to my blog. Regards, Sandra

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