Thank you!

I can’t believe it! Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! =)

I want to thank so much for nominating me for the Versatile blogger award! I cannot believe that I am receiving this award from such an amazing person! She has been through so much, and is a true and honest fighter! I am so inspired by her story. Read her writing!  It is amazing and thought provoking, and makes you just want to stand up for girls all around the world, and stop the pain that they feel. It is amazing to read of a woman who is everyday overcoming the pain that she has faced! I don’t deserve this award from her, but I am grateful that she thought of me. She is brave and courageous, and I am so honored! All I can say is, thank you brokenhalo! You are beautiful! never forget it!

Now for others who I think are far more worth than me of receiving this award!

Thank you to all of you for being so brave and inspiring! I cannot fully express the amount of belief i have in all of you, and my hope for your lives and the lives of those you touch!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



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