Cats, books, and other medicines

What do you love?

Is it a book? Your favorite bench in the park? That song that you used to sing to as you drove in the summertime.

Cartoons? Scrabble? Your goldendoodle named Fergus? That big, fluffy, golden monster who smiles at you with such big innocent eyes after he’s ripped open the last of your decorative pillows. Your favorite fat cat that you love even though you have to lift her everywhere she wants to go and sometimes your arms get tired–but she’s really cute and a great listener?

Listening to that band in your room? The little place where everything is quieter. Away from the craziness outside. A sanctuary  where you can feel safe.

Badminton? Handstands? Chess? Cute animals? Soccer? Being with your best friend? Sitting across from that one person who really gets you? Looking at maps?

Laying in the grass? The snow? Summertime? Wintertime?

When the tulips finally bloom? Bob Marley?…maybe not…

Submarines? Travel? That picture of you on top of the Eiffel tower? That picture where you cut and paste yourself onto the top of the Eiffel tower?

What makes you happy?

The sea? The smell of sunscreen?

Photography? Art? Finding another plate with a pug-faced Persian cat on the front? Broccoli?….Okay, fine…chocolate? Taking a bubble bath? Fixing your bike? Being quiet? Being loud? Singing? Dancing? Reading? Kayaking? Fencing? Flower pruning? Bowling? Watching the sun come up? Watching the sun go down? Sleeping underneath the stars? Getting an awesome hat and wearing it everywhere just because it makes you feel a bit more like you’re a heroine from the 1700’s. Twirling in a new dress? Twirling in an old dress you haven’t worn in a while? Picking wild flowers? Eating gummy bears till your too full to have supper–and that’s great news because now you don’t have to make it!

Holding someone’s hand? Taking a sick day and staying in your pajamas all day?

Doing yoga in the the morning? Making tea just the way you like it?

And now my last question…

Have you done it yet today?


18 thoughts on “Cats, books, and other medicines

  1. Several answers to your questions Emma…Photography, walk with my camera leading the way towards the treasures I am meant to find, writing about said treasures and sharing them with every one who wants to read about it
    Have I done it today? yes indeed and reading your words reminds me of how awesome it feels.
    Enjoy your week-end 🙂

    • Thank you so much!!! I love doing that too! just taking my camera and exploring somewhere new, and seeing what i will find! your day sounds amazing! thank you so much!

      love, Emma

  2. Browsing in second-hand bookshops is well up there and, yes, I found time to get lost in such a bookshop – one with two floors – here in my beloved Waterford in Ireland today. Found all sorts of amazing books and bought 6 in total ~ all for 10 euro!

  3. Emma, what do you love? What brings you peace? What stills your mind? You and i have texted about our past being similar. And you have asked this of your followers, but i would like to hear your answers. Since i am asking for your ideas here’s mine: cooking, reading (specially with my 5 cats by my side) on a raining day and sitting at my starbucks by my house having coffee and working on my novels.

    • What do I love? =) hmmmm…..Trees! being in nature. Closing my eyes and imagining different scenarios and stories. Crabapple trees especially. They are in bloom right now! =) Driving with my two best friends and listening to Beirut (band)!!! I love that! those have to be some of my favorite moments, and recently I have been enjoying them. It has been wonderful =) Thank you for asking =) I wish I had 5 cats! =) that sounds wonderful!

      love, Emma

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  6. scrabble, my headphones, dancing on my bed, walking in rain, smelling the pages of a new book, buying new books, canvas shoes, plain black tshirts, chess, badminton, playing cricket with my brothers, my car, singing loudly in my car, love to miss my dog, rewatching movies i love, Meg Ryan, glee, greys anatomy, my room, my denims, getting a hair cut, Pasta, Blueberry pancakes, coffee, dark choc icecream, crying when no ones around to feel better, spicy indian street food, my mom’s food, making maggi noodles, clicking pictures of silly stuff, going to movies….
    i know i know i have to stop…or you will throw me out of your blog… 🙂

    • Those are all wonderful! thank you for sharing! Blueberry pancakes is a great one! haha, no you don’t have to stop, I love reading about the things that make you happy. They are so important to who we are. The little things about us that makes us different and unique. Feel free to continue any time! =)

      love, Emma

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