I love animals =)

Thank you so much to http://helenarollason.wordpress.com  for nominating my blog for a Liebster award!!! =)


Here how to accept the nomination:
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2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees
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11 facts about myself

1. I love animals!

2. My favorite place to go is the aquarium!!! To hang out with the otters. They are such amazing creatures! And so cute!! =)

3. I am very easily excited!

4. I really want to travel but I have never really gone anywhere. Mostly I want to go to India and Scotland!! India because I love the culture and the colorfulness and the history. And Scotland because I love sheep… =)

5. I live with my boyfriend and I love that…but unfortunately he’s allergic to cats and bunnies and pretty much every animal. Even sheep… Fortunately he isn’t allergic to Dogs!!! So we can get some! the only thing is we don’t really have any money right now because we are both in university, so I guess we’ll have to wait for a few years. But when I have enough money I want six dogs! 1. A basset hound. 2. an old english sheepdog. 3. a minature golden doodle. 4. a poodle shit tzu cross 5. a border collie.  and 6. Another lop eared basset hound =)

6. I love tree’s. There’s nothing like relaxing with a book either in or under a good tree.

7. My favorite band is Beirut. I can’t explain the joy they bring to me.

8. I have a phobia of stickers. I can’t explain it, but if i see one, I run away.

9. I love trumpets!! Anyone who can play is really awesome, because James gave me one for my birthday last summer and I used to practice every day and I can still hardly make a sound…I guess I’m not very musically gifted…

10. I love Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath. They are incredible!

11.I always laugh hysterically when I read my favorite T.S. Eliot poem, “The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” I can’t understand what he means by saying, “Shall I part my hair behind or in the front?” How does one part one’s hair in the front?

oh and i have to add this in somewhere…I love Doctor Who!


11 questions from

1. Do you produce your best writing during the day or at night?

I definately write better at night.

2. Have you ever visited/lived in London, UK?

No! But I really want to!! Especially Scotland! To see the sheep!

3. If you had to produce a protest placard, what would be the message that you write on it?

It would be something standing up against child abuse.

4. Do you believe in horoscopes?

No, but I love to read them.

5. If you could only eat one vegetable for the rest of your life, what would it be?


6. When you were 20 years old, what were you doing with your life? e.g. studying, working, etc.

I’m not 20 yet! Not for a month! But right now I am on summer vacation from studying. No job yet, so I am writing and painting!

7. What is the best documentary you have ever watched?

The rabbit king. it was awesome! watch it! =)

8. What was the first music concert/gig/festival that you ever attended?

Bon Iver at the Orpheum in Vancouver! It was amazing!

9. Do you believe that life exists on other planets?

Yes! And one day the doctor and I will meet all of them!

10. Which filling(s) would be inside your ultimate sandwich?

Cucumbers, lettuce, and mozzarella cheese. I know…the people at subway always look at me funny.

11. At this precise moment in time, would you say that you are truly happy?

I am feeling very happy =)

11 questions for my nominees…

1. Who is your favorite author?

2. What is your favorite film?

3. Record or ipod?

4. What is the thing you love most in all the world?

5. Describe your craziest dream

6. Can you play an instrument?

7. Do you think sheep are really cute and cuddly looking animals?

8. where is the coolest place you have been?

9. what do you love about yourself?

10. Do you have any pets?

11. If you could be anywhere, where would you be?













Thank you again to everyone for helping me achieve this! I feel so humbled, and inspired by your support.

love, Emma

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